Lost my testicles to cancer. Before the dr removed them surgically my wife swore she would remain faithful. After they were removed and I got home recovering she started bringing home a big stud to sleep in the marital bed. She moved my stuff to a cot in the basement directly under what was our marital bedroom. Now she says she needs a big stiff cock backed up with a large set of balls. Which he has as I saw him naked she is 20. years younger than me I am a 60 year old eunuch. They are both around 40. He has taken over he smacked me around good so I can’t reverse the situation my balls are in a specimen jar. Now she wants me to participate she controls the money so I can’t move I’m broke she had me eat his cream pie from her vagina I had to blow him and swallow She hinted he want to take me from behind all humiliating Got. No place to go and she controls the food so I have to cooperate I’m unemployed It’s a bad situation

2 years ago

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