I am homeschooled and live in a small town. im 14 and I have no friends. I have lived here since I was 10. it seems like my parents hate me. I said okay instead of yes ma'am and my mom took my phone. I always think thoughts I never thought I would think like I hate my life and I wish I had different parents. they always are like you can tell me anything we are your parents! and whenever I feel like I can open up, they think I am ungrateful. we had this lady staying with us for like 2 months and it turned out that the had been lying about things the whole time. and I hated when she was living in my living room. I would cry about it and then I would start thinking about how I have no friends, am ugly, and my sister is always telling me I need to lose weight and I am fat. my sister is a h03 she is talking to this guy who is 2 years older than her. she is 15 he is 17. and she isn't allowed to date. they are like "I love you" even though they hardly know each other. I want to run away but I feel like everyone I know would text me and be my best friend if I came back. I don't want pity. sometimes I feel like im ready to get married and start a life of my own far far away I feel older than I actually am sometimes. my parents think they are good parents but they don't realize how I feel. I just want someone to talk to. I feel like I had a different childhood because of all the memes I read about normal school. does anyone else have a similar life?

2 years ago

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