I am so fucking sick and tired of ALL social media. I’m so fucking sick to death of all my fake friends insta-transforming their looks into McModels that they will never look like and stage their backdrops, as though it’s a true representation of their life, when I REALITY, I know them - IRL. You don’t look like that, you never did. Be confident in who you REALLY are. Quit posting pics of you “about” to eat cake, when in reality I haven’t seen you take a bite of real food in YEARS! I’m so sick and tired of you pretending to be “naturally” thin and “naturally” anything. Do you think the people that actually know you - DON’T KNOW YOU? While you’re busy “playing” life - people are living it, and you’re missing out on all of it for the sake of being a fictional character in the realm of social media. I don’t get it, which is why I’m rarely on it. Please quit tagging me. I don’t care what some mystical app can do to your skin and eyelashes.

2 years ago

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