why do i feel like i have to grow up so fast? im only 13. everything feels useless. i dont have the willpower to pass school or even to live anymore. everything is so scary, life is scary, school is scary. im scared of everything that comes when you become an adult. im not ready. i feel like ill never be ready. it feels like no one is gonna be there to help me be ready. i will be up late at night crying my eyes out hoping that one of my parents will walk in and hug me. but they never do. my mom thinks that my depression and anxiety is getting better, so she wont take my to a physchiatrist. i dont know how to tell her that its gotten worse. im crying my eyes out right now and i just wish that they would walk in and see me like this so they would understand for once. i dont know how to talk to people about how i feel. i have no idea what to do at this point. i have no willpower left

1 year ago

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