I’m unknown, I’m a young female who doesn’t know what to do, my stepdad’s friend, we will call him M, he would touch me, and I recall one time I sucked his cock per his request and we went into the one room. My mother and her boyfriend a.k.a my step dad, they were drunk and stoned, I usually joined them we did it together, Well M has two daughters I watched before younger than me , the oldest out of the two is 5 years apart from me, I’m 17 almost 18, I know he wants to have sex with me, but I also heard he treats women horribly, M picks them up at the bar or when he’s out when his daughters aren’t with him on the weekends or something, and he still hangs around with his ex wife and they both consistently cheated on each other. Well, I’m gonna be honest, I did enjoy it when he touched me, even if it was just a fool around kind of deal. But even my Step dad he is one of the best out there, he always if he’s there makes him back off, so when I’m with all them together my mother, him and M I feel more safe, but my problem is I don’t know how to tell him, or if I should I don’t want to cause a rupture, and they stop becoming friends, my older brother knows that M has touched me before after all he almost caught M doing it, he’s been keeping it a secret for me as well. Well down the road maybe I’ll tell them but I might as well carry it, because I cannot ruin someone’s friendship because of me. I’m that selfless, I have been selfless so many times, I don’t let it bother me anymore, he hasn’t done anything to me since. And hasn’t been coming over much thanks to the pandemic and his own problems but, I just hope M knows that what he has been doing is, not alright, forcing me down to deep throat him while my stepdad is in the bathroom, like said he drunk and takes forever in there alright. Anyhow, when he comes out we just pretend nothing happened.

2 years ago

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