I want to smack my brothers girlfriend, she got together with a married man with kids after my brother had decided to take a break to catch up on work and study’s. Let me remind you, they were still dating. Worse part, she didn’t even hesitate on telling my brother that she had been with another man. Which is so fucking messed up. I don’t know how many other men, but fuck off. Don’t EVER fucking use my brother like a toy, EVER. He came home crying and I didn’t know why until a few months had past. I was not the type to get into others relationships (hear, peak) , especially since I had always seen both of you so happy together. I was tired of hearing endless fights with you and dad, I never knew why though. He always wanted you to break up with her and so did my mom, and this all started when you had come back home with a face filled of tears. I remember getting a bit angry that they wanted to break such a happy relationship, but I was blind. I was so blind, sometimes. Happy things, aren’t always “happy” in fact they might be some massive cheater who doesn't give a fuck. I’m just glad my brothers breaking up with her soon, I know it hurts since it’s his first girlfriend. And I’m so sorry your first had to be a shit. I should have guessed she was like this, when she would come over and take a lot of anxiety pills (I’ve seen them in the bathroom) or even be unmannered, which made mom think different of her (in a bad way.) This was all affecting him, this made my brother sadder, angrier, to the point, he wouldn’t even he would talk to me. Man, I’m so sorry

1 year ago

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