yk i think i was in love with you. i have so many guys that i can go to rn but i cant bc im still stuck on you. i try and compare them all to you but they just arent you. i fuckin gmiss you sm. you were good to me at the beggining of what we had. now idk what happened. i hated when you always blocked me as a "joke". it was never funny to me. i still remember you sliding up on my story trying to start an argument abt politics or some shit but then you snapped me a couple days later saying hmu so ofc i did. you opened it right away :) which is cool thanks. ik you dont open alot of girls snaps so im suprised you opened mine. we snapped back n forth like usual. i honestly dont remember much of what we talked abt that night but i do remember suggesting pornhub channles to each other loll it was fun tbh i think you just suggested a dude tonguing a girl but i forget what teh channel was called. and i dont remember what i suggested. we only did this bc i was only teasing you instead of actually sending like you originally wanted me to. we came together the next few nights yada ya with out actually helping yk. the way you talked to me and praised me made me really like you. idk if it was teh attention i liked or what but it was different. ive never felt that way for anyon else but you were different. i didnt feel like you only used me for my body at first bc you would try and have actal conversations with me during the day. we even had fucking nicknames for eachother, johnny and mary. we made those nicknames bc neither of us sent full face snaps so we were "hiding out identities as amish" idk what i ever did wrong. i gave you everything i could. i remember when you would always out of nowhere say "im horny" expecting me to help and ofc i did bc i thought maybe if i sent you would stay. soon enough i would catch on and tell you that im horny but you just sent a blank snap back like wtf. that proves you used me like a fucking doll but i loved you so much and i was so fucking attached i never thouhgt anything of it. you had me wrapped around your little finger and you always will. everytime you would text me or the gc you put me in with your friends i would always specifically talk to you and get you to unblock me or readd me. you always did but then i blocked you bc i relized that you were a really bad person for me and just holding me back from so many things. i found a new guy, falls. i miss him sm he left too by distancing himself. he was super pretty my god. a really nice person who always said the right things, really beautiful voice. then when i sat alone in my room waiting for falls to text me after being on delivered for hours i found out that he was just a distaraction from missing johnny. i held so much regret in my heart from ghosting johnny it was hard. i found out that he had me blocked too so i had no way of getting ahold of him. i fucking hate it here sm. i hate guys. i have a new guy rn but i get so much deja vu when he talks to me. i cant get over you. just get out of my head please. i want oyu and only you but i fucking canttttt. i also remember when youd give me so much butterflies my stomach hurt so badly. whyd you have to change. you went from opening my snaps right away to taking 2 mf days. "wya bitch" "goodnight slut" "yes i fucking missed you" i just cant grasp the fact that its over. how can it just be over like that? i want a hug.

2 years ago

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