I want more friends. Mine are great but one is away at uni, another can't afford to do anything and the other works. I'm in between university years and during my first year i met one person i would consider a friend but we aren't close. I hadte drinking parties and any kind of social gathering, i get too nervous, awkward and self aware so i didn't really meet many people in my first year (Covid of corse being a big part, online lessons and such). I want a hug so bad but hate being touched (if that makes sense) the last time i had any comforting contact was literally around 5-6 years ago. My family aren't close but that doesn't bother me, we don't not get on but it's weird, more like we're a group of people living in the same place. I want to go back to uni and away from here but i'll be even more lonely that i already am. I just want friends who i can actually just sit inside with and paint or bake or anything but a lot of people my age prefer to go out. It makes making friends so hard and all i want is someone to talk to :( Things will get better i hope :)

1 year ago

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