were to start. I haven't done anything. but i think about stuff. why do i think about it? i want to tell my mum, i am so close with her, but i cant tell her this. she wont handle it, it will ruin her. it will take away our money our everything. what do i do. i cant talk to the school counsellor cause then they will contact my family. i don't want to tell my friend EVERYTHING because she has this stuff going on with another friend. i dont want to feel like a burden or something. i also miss our friendship but not her. she was toxic ad a bitch. but i do miss it, the laughs, the jokes, the bullying. oh well i guess that's over. oh and the stress, so much stress omg. i cant keep up. oh and my mental illness (not depression) it doesn't seem much, but it effects ,e so much. i want to kill them or me. i have to hurt myself to stop.

2 years ago

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