Systematic Slavery

I dont want to get a job. The systems we have setup create slaves and slavemasters. If you do well at the game (exploiting people, scamming people) you win $ and are allowed to hire slaves. If you try to be responsible, caring, helpful you lose. You become a slave. I just want to be free. A scientist once studied a tribal culture that was not modernized, way deep in the amazon woods. He discovered in order to survive, each member had to contribute about 3 hours of work a day. Stuff like Hunting, gardening, building, cooking. The rest of the time they lay around in hammocks and talk to eachother. Yet we are a super modernized society, and in order to survive you have to work 40 hours a week. How does that make any sense? Everytime somebody trades with somone else, there is efficiency and value gained. So from our extensive commerce and trade there should be incredible abundance. Yet somehow the system is rigged up that all that is funneled away from people. I am striving to create my own businesses so I don't have to be so impoverished. Yet I am fighting a huge system bent on pillaging me. What a world :C

1 year ago

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