BLACK LIVES, DON’T MATTER, Not now not today never yesterday and few and far between, there’ll be golden days, excavation approved On king tuts tomb AND THEY FETCH fewer average dollars as there’s a surplus of ex slaves, who long ago learned that to be brave, You have to face yourself as yourself hating yourself, hating yourself saving your hated self from your future dated better self, Release yourself from a more proper paradigm and shoot these dice in this Dicey alley Tomato tomato potato potato thats all weve had to eat for hundreds and thousands of weeks I feel alive, you look like you could thrive, if let to die, bugs will feast on your flesh turn to beasts and the cycle unravels and recycles your doubts into little bits and bouts of Stubborn, stout, icanhazcheesburger ass american amerricanting all the way to the others westward chanting about a long lost freedom never found, Ankles shackled and wrists forever bound Thoughts crawl out of my head like tots eating tater’s Hopscotch! Bocc----e ball, i win, after all, its whos the closest to og sin!!! Typical, now you’re everywhere ive never been, Sicc envy on your like ivy leaves Eventually his soul he bereaves

2 years ago

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