When it feels like everyone ignores you, what do you do? Do you take in the pain and confusion? Do you distract yourself by completing homebody/roamer activities? Do you confess your pain to the people who are creating it? … What if you do all three at once? Does it matter who it is that is ignoring you? Or is it just the principle of being ignored that hurts? These are all very good questions, but the real question is if there is someone out there who doesn’t face the pain of being ignored by others. They might be reading this and thinking to themself “How does that feel?” Well, I could explain it to you Being ignored constantly by people who are and who aren’t important makes a person feel insignificant, minor. That person could feel hollowness, especially if they are already going through personal awkwardness That person might feel like they aren’t important, because they can’t even get the simple attention I feel ignored everyday, and I am not the one who confesses their pain to others There are constant questions and thoughts that stray around my head “Why am I so invisible all of the time to them?” “How would they react to me dying?” “Could I just scream to make them understand that I am still here?” “I know you ignored me… your read receipts are still on” “Should I repeat myself? Maybe they didn’t hear me” Although it seems like the people that ignore us are bad, we also can’t blame them, because we do it ourselves… Yes the disregarded ignore people too Be honest, every once in a while there is an annoying ex, pestering stranger, or maybe even someone cat calling you that you choose to ignore… When we don’t want to be bothered.. We ignore “But what is the reason why I get ignored so damn often?” “Do I pester?” “Is there a reason why this happens so often, am I annoying?” … To be continued.

2 years ago

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