I find most everything so meaningless that I can't even bother writing down my thoughts and talk about them here. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't do anything. I'm trying to shed the nonsense out of my life. As Jordan Peterson would say, "burn the dead wood". Yeah it looks like there's a fuckton of deadwood to burn. What society wants me to find value in, I do not derive anything from it. Take your sex and stick it up your ass. Take your drugs and stick them up your ass. Take your fame and stick it up your ass. Take your consumerism and stick it up your ass. I don't need half of the things I have. I don't need pretty clothes. I don't need fancy food. Porn is empty, and I do not like it anymore. TV series are all the same identical bullshit. More of the same, the same, the same, the same in everything. Everything is the same as everything else. I don't need meaningless drivel, stupid conversation, needless headaches with people. Healthy food is amazing. Exercise is fulfilling. YEAH I want more of that. Give me good conversations. Give me people who want to act natural, who have no fear of appearing "cringy" if that word means fucking anything at all. I want to sing in the streets. I want to dance without owing anyone an explanation. I want to eat food with my hands. I'm tired of meaningless fucking nonsense. I WANT TO LIVE. I WANT TO LIVE SOMETHING REAL. I WANT REAL THINGS. TODAY A LITTLE DOGGY LICKED MY HAND AND WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME. Goddamn that's the realest thing I've experienced in many days. I didn't even know that dog, but he's the shit. He knows where the shit's at. Gimme that. I want real, real real real. Goddamn tomorrow I want to seize everything fucking carpe diem. I WANT TO FEEL REAL.

1 year ago

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