I am extremely lonely. I feel lonely around my only friend and my family. I feel isolated, like maybe I am an enigma to the people around me. Sometimes I am suicidal about it, but I haven't tried anything. I struggle to hangout with anyone new, despite how much I ask people if they'd like to go to events or out to eat or for a cruise. I find myself back at square one. My love life has always ended badly because emotionally unstable girls are attracted to me because I give a lot of attention and get attached very easily. I try to conversate with people and it always ends up with us never talking again, and I don't know why. I actually go and seek friendship and it always ends up not working. I feel like I bother my only friend too because he's struggling with his own problems and is always working. I don't know if I am just unlikeable or what.. Maybe I need to leave this world. Maybe it just wasn't meant for me.

2 years ago

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