My name doesn’t matter. Just my story. I’ve lived in Chicago for most of my life (except for a one-year stay in NYC, which I hated). I’ve always felt fairly secure despite the fact that this town has been rated “most dangerous US city” multiple times. Until last month. I looked outside my window and there was a crowd gathering in front of my house. They were chanting “say their names, defund the police”. I’m used to seeing these misguided wackos, so I paid it no attention. Until I heard someone screaming. The BLM protest had broken out into a riot. One of my windows got smashed and they called me White trash. I put up with so much in this city. I put up with corrupt Lightfoot’s racist comments against White people. I put up with the abandoned building across town being set on fire in the name of George Floyd or Rayshard Brooks or some other martyr I forgot the name of (there are so many). I put up with it because I never thought the violence would happen to me. Occur right in front of my house. The next day, I bought a plane ticket out of the state. I left my band behind— my source of income. I’m in staying on my brother’s ranch until this BLM stuff blows over. But I’m not sure I want to go back even if it does. This rioting has left my hometown decimated. I’m afraid to go back. If I go back, will I be killed for being a White girl? Will they beat me to death with a homemade weapon while calling me a racist? I’m very afraid. I love my Chicago. I just don’t know if it will ever be relatively safe again.

2 years ago

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