How to Train Your Dragon is such a good movie. I remember being obsessed with it when the first movie came out. I would watch it every weekend. My 7 year old mind just thought that dragons were cool, and didn't really get to appreciate the music and story line that this masterpiece of a series is until the third movie was released. By that time, I was obviously older. Still very much intrigued by the ideas of mythical creatures and dragons. Sometimes I like to have a marathon just to hurt myself. If any of you have actually watched all three movies and enjoyed them, you know what I'm talking about. I couldn't help myself when I watched the third movie for the first time. I was in an airplane, they had one of those movie screens on the back of every seat and I chose httyd3 since it was available. I felt so embarrassed sitting there next to two complete strangers, balling my eyes out over dragons.

2 years ago

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