the reitanna document (part 2) (KB)

8.wrote a fanfic about minors doing 18+ stuff - throughout many post theirs proof that reitanna draws/writes minors in 18+ situations (such as drarry and her character lawny) and any time someone tried to point it out to her she turns it around on them and accuses them of being a pedo. in her stories the goes into detail describing what the minors are doing to each other when 18+ stuff is happening. she even said "age is just a number" to someone once link---> link---> link---> 9.acting like a karen - reitanna tends to act like a karen in some of her posts, she constantly putting herself on a moral pedestal, telling people how they should and should not act, and even threatening legal action in many of her post. she even tried to silence her critiques by getting them to delete the videos, discord, and redit they made about all this. link---> 10.suicide baiting - in most of her LAR's on the drama reitanna saying things like "I bet if I killed myself that would be fake too" or "you guys just want me to kill myself" in one of her tweets reitanna alluded to wanting to kill herself, naturally people in the comments were freaking out, trying to make sure she was ok, and begging for it to be a joke or lie. her very next tweet was her playing animal crossing and showing off some patterns she made, she didn't even bring up the last tweet she made. no im ok, no im alive im just not feeling well, no nothing. it made it seem like she was pretending it never happened. and when people got upset at her for seemingly suicide baiting she called them cunts and acted like there was nothing wrong with what she did. link---> 11.reitanna's biggest fans were bullies - reitanna had two big fans (koda and jenny) who were pretty mean to anyone who didnt agree with/like reitanna. jenny being the worst of the two. they harassed, made fun of, bullied, stalked, and falsely reported reitannas critiques just because they didnt like the things they did or said link---> link---> more

1 year ago

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