Hey I'm depressed I feel so down going thru this break up I feel so stupid after all the manipulation I've allowed in my romantic relationships I want real love;a man that will love me for me and actually take the time to get to know me I've been used and lied to and I don't even know how to get through it. We were on and off,me and my heartbreaker, he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me ik it was a lie our relationship was so toxic he abused me in every way imaginable and I feel so disappointed in myself because I allowed him to manipulate me ,in the end he won he moved on to someone new after I told him I'm done I was so blinded,he would ghost me and disrespect me calling me out my name...but things changed when he held me hostage I'm still having flashback to this day!! He bullied and pushed me around all night,he thinks I had sex with his friend from the neighborhood. Of course I didn't tell him that myself and a guy who I didnt know he hung out with until recently ; had sexual relations because for one we were in such a good place and I know how he gets I didn't want to even bring it up,it's the past now...or so I thought.my mind and heart are in battle I know he deals with other women I just feel it he doesn't want me and now....I'm forced to move on but how after 8yrs of being in love with this man,how can I move on without him?

1 year ago

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