my grandma has just told us that because we are going out and about that she doesn’t want to see us anymore. she’s terrified of the virus even though both her and my grandad are double vaccinated. both my parents are double vaccinated as well and the only reason that me and my sister aren’t is because they haven’t offered it to us yet. it has been a year and a half since the pandemic has started and we have been so patient with her paranoia. we know that the virus isn’t going to magically disappear but she refuses to even entertain the idea of coming within two feet of her. i’m going to be honest and say i’m quite hurt. my dad is fuming and upset because she used to have therapy for it but she has stopped and they got into a massive argument. it has been eighteen months since i have given her a hug and i know that she is just scared but i’m worried that i’m never going to get that luxury again. i just don’t know what to do because it feels like i’m never gonna see them both again.

1 year ago

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