So Last night i had a crazy dream. I was in a desert like land and me and 4 other friends was there too, I was playing with rock and accidently ended up throwing it at a friends head Instantly killing him,I then felt a shock of fear i took the body and hid it in a house. 1 hour later me and my other 3 friends are hanging out and im still Horrified and scared they ask me whats wrong while wondering where my 4th friend was. all three of my friends went into the house and saw the dead body and looked at me fearfully,I took the rock in my hand and killed my other three friends and ran out of the building. No police or anyone was around i was scared and i didn't feel a sense of guilt for my dead friends,I felt gulit for the first friend i killed. i quickly fled to a jungle area but turns out im now in a death trap obby with a instructor and... One of the boy friends i thought i killed, He looked at me angrily and then seductively and said he wouldn't tell anyone i tried to kill him and that ive killed everyone i have. This is where i do not speak about that part anymore but what does this mean? I already know im hideing things i think is kill worthy for (Accidental incest as a child) It fears the life out of me Main reason i want to commit suicide I didn't know it was wrong at that age. And im assuming the seductive part was to mock me for what we did as children

2 years ago

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