Recently, it has been a bit troublesome dealing with my friend. Not too long ago, she told me that she has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and a tics disorder (<my sincerest apologies if this is offensive); she has also told that she is a rape victim. Taking this into consideration, I have been making my best effort to treat her like how I treat my other friends. However, it is difficult for me to have conversations with her because she seems to have a significantly short attention span. I am aware that this may be because of her ADHD, but sometimes it feels like I might as well not bring up subjects, such as one of my interests or something new that has occurred in my life, if she's not going to listen to me (This is making me seem like such a jerk). I don't know how to deal with this issue properly; I have already blown up on her twice because I've been holding this in for the past few months or so. I just wish I could tell her about some of the stuff I have been thinking about. Revisiting my second sentence, it makes me feel like since she has all of this stuff going on in her life, I shouldn't be depressed, anxious, or having panic/anxiety attacks. I don't know anymore. I would still like to be friends with her because at least we do Zoom/Google Meet often. But it's not like we do much because she'll just go on TikTok the entire time. I have been trying to see if she would like to play Minecraft, Roblox, shit, even do an online puzzle with me. Sometimes, she'll participate, sometimes, she won't. I even bring up how we don't really do anything on these calls so what's the point in even doing them. Maybe we just don't "click" as much as I think. I mean, it's not like I have a lot of friends anyway. Maybe, I just need a break from her or maybe we should just give up on this friendship. We've only really known each other for a year anyway. I sound so stupid, rude, and ignorant

2 years ago

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