i feel so fucking lonely. i have friends, good friends even, but we don't share common interests. We don't like similar music or have similar hobbies. I'm just alone so much. I rarely talk to anyone outside of school and now that it's summer, it's just depressing i guess. my sister calls her friends all the time and i can;t help but be kinda jealous. i hate it. why do i have to struggle making friends. When i was young i was super shy and i feel that effected my situation a lot. i honestly wish my family would decide to move away. but that's not fair to my sister who has lots of close friends, or my parents who finally have a house they love and good jobs. ITS NOT FAIR. why can't i have someone like me. I WANT SOMEONE WHO REALLY KNOWS ME. even when i had a "best friend" we weren't close . i have a bad memory from a sleepover where she and another girl propped up a mattress between us. i'm only in middle school. i have to wait this upcoming school year plus one more (2 total) till high school then 3 more till i get to move away for college. ( my school system is elementary 1-6, middle 7-9 and high school 10-12. weird, right?) but its just so fucking long. i want a true friend who REALLY appreciates and understands me. is that too much to ask? do i just not deserve it?? im so lonely it hurts. why why why

2 years ago

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