This isn't Usually something I would do but I'm struggling to escape from my mind and I have no where else to turn. I've always been the black sheep of the family but I've never felt so lonely. I'm not sure what has changed recently but I feel like I'm on the edge and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on. I'm so unhappy in my marriage I feel like it's going to mentally destroy me but at the same time all my kids have are him and I and I'm afraid if I walk away the will only have I and I don't want to be the reason that he's not in their lives. I just want to smile again, to feel like I can breath again, to laugh and to live. I used to think that all of my depression was due to the passing of my son but I've been noticing little things and now I know I'm just not happy where I am now.

2 years ago

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