can someone please give me advice? my formal dinner dance is coming up soon and I was so excited but now I'm really self-conscious and idk if I'm being dumb/selfish. I was the first person to get my dress out of my friend group and I love it so much, for the first time in a while I felt pretty, so we bought it. Keep in mind, I am not exactly skinny, and my dress sort of shows that but also suits my body type and its also a bright colour, and most of my friends are skinny, or at least wayyyy skinnier than me. So recently my friends have been trying on dresses and they all have theirs but all of theirs are black/dark colours, meaning I'm going to sort of stick out. I was already nervous about sticking out because I'm bigger than most girls in my year but now that my whole friend group have wayyy different colour dresses than me I'm going to stick out even more. Now I'm thinking about getting another dress so that I'm not the odd one out but is that a dumb thing to do? I'm panicking a lot over this and would really appreciate someones advice!

2 years ago

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