My school counselor just told me that a student told her that I was being abused at home. Yesterday, there was this group session where people would let out their griefs of problems, and everyone was so emotional during that time. When it was my turn, I said too much. And I was crying so it might have looked exaggerated. The thing I talked about happened long time ago, and nothing has happened like that in a long time. But now, it seems like a report has been filed to the Child Protectjve services and now i’m scared. I love my parents so much because they truely arent like this anymore, and they have said they were sorry for that in the past. My counselor told me that the services will come to my house to interview my parents and i don’t want them to get in trouble. My parents are going to hate me and i’m really afraid that me “telling on them” will ruin my relocation ship with them forever. My parents have done so much for me and I know they love me, and i’m so scared I don’t want them to get in trouble. i’m so scare i don’t want my family to be ruined i’m scared i’m crying so fmherd right now writing this i don’t know what to do

2 years ago

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