My broken lover

I finally got a boyfriend a smart one too he's tall light skin and he's big I love him so much but he has so many flaws. He has a temper he gets mad when I tell him that the girl he asked out recently rejected him that she has a bf and he talks about his ex a lot. He's fake around his friends and he doesn't act like he likes me in school I'm pretty sure were not going to the same high school. He said when ever that time comes when we have sex, he wants me to suck his dick but he can't eat me out. He gets grossed out when I say I master batted before. He won't let me go through his phone but he can go through mine. when I show him my breasts he say just a simple "nice"! None of that "you look hot baby, your so beautiful and sexy" maybe not all of that together but you get it. I know I'm young but I know I'm never gonna see him again after this year. I don't wanna be sad over him I have a feeling he's the one but not so much anymore. I love the feeling of his sweet touch I would do anything for it I miss it everyday even when I'm with him. I want him to kiss and hold me. Im getting him money for Christmas and he's not getting me shit. -A

1 year ago

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