I feel so lonely all the time, I have no one to share my opinions with or have good conversation with ever. I'm constantly stressed with what people think about me so I tend to change how I act pretty differently with each person. I'm not really good at anything in particular, I'm pretty much just average at everything. I try to make up for this by just pretending to not care or that I don't try. I haven't had a true friend in a long time, I just have no one to talk to ever. That's probably my fault though. It's not like I dont know how to talk to people, I just have trouble making friends. Im going to college soon, and im worried as I start getting older ill have less and less opportunity to do so. It's just difficult for me to socialize, I cant even look people in the eye, it just makes me so uncomfortable. I feel like such a loser all the time, and I feel like how thats how the world sees me. Sometimes I wish I could do my life over, and become someone else.

1 year ago

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