When I was in middle school, I had a crush on this boy who was a year older than me. I kinda liked him but I had to move to another county so I had to forget about him. Then years later, he dm me, asking to start over. Being naive and stupid I said sure why not. But then he said I love you and I panicked not knowing what to write, I wrote back I love you too. That was the biggest mistake I ever made because he took it even further by asking to meet up which is kind of impossible since I live very far away. Then another request was to meet my parents which I have never told them about us and still am keeping this secret as of now. So I denied that too. He then asked me to go to prom with him. I was too afraid to answer, too afraid to tell him the truth. Until I ghosted him for maybe 2 years. Then I told my trusted friend and he said to block him. So I did. And he still making my head ache and my body ache and my heart stop beating. Am I in the wrong or did I do the right thing?

1 year ago

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