This is the story of how I discovered that I was gay and of my first gay sexual experience. It was my 11th birthday and my sister’s friend, who was also 11, confessed that she had a crush on me, we were talking and we kissed, that was fine, then we went to play in my room and I guess she was horny because she took her clothes off until she was only in her yellow panties. We were kissing on my bed and I got a boner from the kissing but when she took off her panties and I saw her naked pussy, that’s when I felt really weird, it grossed me out and I felt sick, it was just revolting to me, I rushed out of my room and stayed downstairs until she left, she wasn’t very happy that I rejected her and she didn’t speak to me again. I thought I was weird like there was something wrong with me because of how seeing a naked girl made me feel, I just didn’t like it at all, then when I was 13 we went on a camping trip with my auntie and cousin, his name is Dillon and he was 10. The first night we were at the camp site we both went to use the communal showers and that was when I saw his little dick, mine was bigger and had a little hair on it because I was going through puberty, but his was hairless and small, but I really liked looking at it without him noticing me looking. We shared a tent and in the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep because all I could think about was his dick, it was hot so we weren’t wearing PJ’s, we were both just in our underwear, so I carefully put my hand down the front of his boxers and felt his dick and balls in my hand, they felt perfect, and his dick got hard while I was playing with it, it was still small compared to mine but big enough to stroke. I was jerking myself off while fondling his privates and he woke up, he didn’t say anything at first, he just watched me playing with his bits and jerking myself off, I was tugging on his little dick and he began to moan so I knew he was in to it. I rolled over on to my front and pulled his boxers off and started to suck on his dick, he moaned even more and even put his hands on my head and pushed it down on his dick, he was loving me sucking him off. After sucking him for a while I climbed on top of him and rubbed our cocks together while we made out kissing, then I sat up and straddled myself over his shoulders and he took my big dick in to his mouth and he sucked on it. A couple of minutes later I ejaculated in his mouth, it took him by surprise and he spat out my dick which made me finish shooting off all over his face, he analysed the taste and decided he liked it so he swallowed and then wiped my spunk off his face and licked it off his hands and ate it all. I was still hard and horny so I went down on his again for a while to get him worked up again, then I turned him on to his front and lifted his ass up, I pushed my dick between his tight ass cheeks and I entered his ass hole and fucked him hard. He wanted to scream but he also knew he’d wake people up if he did, so instead he bit in to his pillow and enjoyed his little ass being fucked. My dick must have stimulated his prostate and triggered some kind of early puberty response because his dick got about an inch bigger and he ejaculated on to the blanket underneath him, I managed to catch some of his spunk in my hand and I tasted it, it was so yummy and warm, then I filled his ass with my own spunk. I enjoyed having sex with Dillon, it didn’t gross me out at all, and that’s when I finally knew that I was 100% gay and there was nothing wrong with me, I was just in to boys and not girls. Dillon wasn’t even thinking about sex at his age so girls weren’t on his mind, but having experienced sex with me, he is now gay and we spend a lot of time together both in and outdoors, we can’t stop fucking and sucking each other off.

1 year ago

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