ive been really sad lately. i know ive been a bad friend to my closest ones. i have a terrible sleep schedule which honks everything up, because while i sleep at 6 in the morning and wake up at 2-4 in the afternoon, my friends are usually awake and need help but i can’t respond. i try my best to always be there. i don’t want any praise or anything, i just want to know others opinions on me. so here a couple things i act like in a friendship: - i don’t usually text first - wants to make sure you’re okay - will take time to get you gifts that i promised - i don’t manipulate you to get what i want, (so like im friends with you because i like you and not because of what you can do for me or give to me) - i don’t know how to respond when you text me and i see it 2-4 hours ago (like if you ask to hang out or call) - will try my best to stay connected to you am i the toxic one? :/

2 years ago

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