I confess that I'm probably the dumbest woman alive. I have 3 children by a man who probably doesn't love me. He broke up with me when I was 8 months pregnant with his only daughter. Then we had another baby the next year. I'm retarded obviously. My mom and brother have told me to love myself, but honestly, what's to love? I'm just a mom. With a name. And feelings. Who cares? I'm replaceable. I thought I wasn't. I use to value the shit outa myself, but now I don't, because I see how real life really is. Everybody hurts everybody. No one exempt from the pain of heartache. Its a shame. I use to think God would smile down on me and bless me for being who I am, but he doesn't see me at all. As a matter of fact, I'm almost sure I'm not even in his line of vision anymore. He's forgotten about me. My mom and dad are angels and I hope that they remember me, but they probably don't, because I'm no one worth remembering or thinking of. I'm sorry to whoever reads this. I need to take my Prozac but don't wanna have anyone go out of their way to bring it to me since my doc was late putting in my refill. I apologize.

2 years ago

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