What the hell am I supposed to do? I went to my ex’s apartment after she had just recently had her baby, she asked me to come over. When I asked who the lucky guy was she began to tear up. She seemed really tired but I knew those were just after effects of labor. She told me that’s what she wanted to explain. So the guy she was with instantly left when the pregnancy test came back positive. She stayed in the hospital for the night with no visitors except her parents. She bursts into tears and falls into my arms, now she wants me to help her with the baby. I told her I promise to help her out but I’m not ready to be a father figure, at all. I hate kids and can hardly take care of my own dog. What really set me off about this is, when I was born it was a situation just like this almost. My dad was in prison when I was born, and was shot down by some thugs while I was a baby. So my grandma and mom had to take care of me. We she was dirt poor and hardly was able to afford taking care of me, my mom had it really rough. So seeing my ex (we’re still really close, we both agreed that dating wasn’t exactly the way to go) go through that really hits me. I can’t let her have the same experience my mom did. I’m just not ready to be a father figure, and I promised her that I will take care of him (she had a boy). But I told her I couldn’t be his father figure. What the hell am I going to do? I don’t want to be a dad.

1 year ago

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