I have super bad ADHD and I've failed like most of my classes. my mom doesn't understand and is just pissed at me. I'm not allowed access to my phone at all or any streamers which was the only thing keeping me sane (and here). I don't know what to do i wanna do the work and pass and everything but i don't know how. It's not my fault my brain doesn't work right. I'm not failing on purpose i just don't know how to try. My mom hasn't even tried to help me. I go to therapy for anxiety an depression but my therapist doesn't help we just talk and sometimes she gives me worksheets that i don't do and just sit in a pile in my room somewhere. I can barely do homework never mind that. I have a tutor but she costs to much money for the amount of time i would have to see her to be productive. She didn't change anything to help e when she found out i was barely passing earlier this year than expected a better result and was surprised when i failed quarter 3 of english (which i need to pass to graduate). All she did was take my phone away at 11 I would "get more sleep". I haven't i still go to bed around 1 every night. I'm so close to just running away and giving up on school. I know I'm only month away from graduation but it seems impossible and no one wants to help me everyone's just mad at me. I fucking hate my life.

2 years ago

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