So I'm a senior in high school and up until now I would purposely dress differently then other girls because I wanted to do a social experiment. And when it came time to change my style I was excited to see the outcome then when I got to school on the first day everyone was looking at me all day. I realized unfortunately nobody cares about personality you get attention when you are like everyone else. I've never been like everyone else I'm different and I was made fun of it for a long time. I've always been on the taller side, I'm thin but I hate tight clothes, and I think I'm ok looking but I've never had a real best friend. My first elementary school"best friend" was actually someone my grandma told their parents about and they felt bad and forced them to be friends with me. Then when school shut down last year I got really close with my childhood friend and we had a lot of fun. But then they ignored me for like 3 months and still hung out with my siblings. Honestly I thought he liked me, I told him so much about myself, stuff I've never told anyone. He seemed like the only person who had ever really cared about how I am not only physically but mentally too. I am completely overlooked in my family and he would stand up for me. We haven't really talked like that since last year. He still hangs around sometimes. I don't know what to do about any of it.😥

1 year ago

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