While school was going on I had this one friend who was annoying as shit. She would make fun of me because of my family’s financial situation. At my moms house it’s not that great. I live with my mom grandparents and uncle in a neighborhood that’s not the best but it’s not like people get killed here constantly. But she decided to say that I was a peasant that lives in a favela. Ngl I had to restrain myself from punching the shit out of her. After that she started basing insults based off my race (Mexican and Filipino) and she would call me illegal, slit-eyes, cat-eater, lazy drunk, etc. She would also often hit me or randomly annoy me on purpose even after I told her to stop. She threw a rock at my face and slammed my head into a metal bar. And often between classes when we were left alone she would stab me with a pencil or scissors. so I hit her with a metal water bottle. I had a lot of pent up anger at the point and I don’t regret it. All that happened after that was that I had to write a 5 paragraph essay and visit the counselor but I’m happy I did it. She complained for weeks after that about the bruise on her back and how much it hurt and I still can’t help but smile about it. But I didn’t want to publicly admit that so here I am.

2 years ago

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