I don't know if there is an age limit on here but I don't give a shit. I'm 16, and I screwed up, I screwed up really bad. I fought my dad, and I've been depressed about it. I left home, and I don't know if they want me back. I fucked up really bad, worse than I ever had. I feel like the only option is to get high, it helps get rid of the eternal anxiety I've been feeling since that day. I cry, I have panic attacks, I feel guilty for everything I've done. I've cut myself on my wrist and the sides of my stomach. To be honest, im not too proud of myself for that, I don't wanna die. I wanna be something, im a poet, I wanna write stories even though people don't read anymore. I wanna know what I can do, to fix a life that feels like it's falling apart. I know im young, I still got so much to live for, but it's not feeling like that. I need some advice, doesn't even have to be good, as long as I feel like im being heard out.

1 year ago

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