i’m a victim of sexual assault. the person who did it is one person you would think i could trust the most. i thought that too but i was wrong. it all started when i was about 8 my mom just divorced my dad and got a new bf. already i was sad that she had elect my dad but little did i know how much more terrible my life was going to get. about a year later my mom was still with her bf. he started getting really touchy with me and started saying really inappropriate things to me. one time i said something stupid like “i just want to sit in your face”. looking back i see how wrong that is but when i was 9 i didn’t even know what sex was. so like i said i did sit on his face as a joke. i sat there for not even a second and he licked my clothed vagina. i quickly hopped off and told my mom what happened. she said he was joking. still to this day i know it was my fault for it. if i never would have done that stupid joke i would have never experienced that. but the worst part is is that that isn’t the last time something like that happened. he would touch me in inappropriate places and tell me i was “sexy” it still cuts deep today even tho he doesn’t do it anymore since i have closed myself off from the world. but i still think about it day and night. i cant escape it. i don’t think i ever will. my step dad sexually assaulted me and i do t think i will ever be the same. i cant think of men, sex, romance, or even a simple touch without wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. my mom knows everything that has happened but she says he was joking and that it’s in the past. i don’t know what i should do anymore. i have no one else to go to. i have nowhere else to go. i’m not okay and j dint think i ever will be

2 years ago

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