I’ve had a few rough years, coming to this small city that is more like a town, I’ve been here 5 years now, but back in middle school there was this guy I like, I started liking him in 6th grade my first year, I will admit coming here back then I thought this is a fresh new start. Who knew that a student with glasses and messy blonde hair who was good at using a computer. I wasn’t that pretty Back then, in fact after those years of middle school I changed how I looked, and it was good, but when I was there then he still treated me with kindness, he was my first real love and I was a coward to tell him how I felt. I heard from someone who I once knew that when he graduated he said how he liked me through that person, who told me a few years later. I knew it and I regret it, I should’ve told him, I remember crying a few times because I couldn’t find the courage to say. Looking back I should’ve sent that text but I didn’t, I should’ve said before he graduated, he changed and I changed, I saw him a few times like a ghost he came and went. He was different than back in middle school, you know if I could have the chance to tell him, I would say “a part of me still likes you, but I hope you’re happy, and one day I hope we can meet again, hopefully we can at least be friends if not lovers, I hope we can start over.” All I can say is these letters MT if he ever sees this by chance, just know, this is a now young female who you liked before, and I hope we can speak again, one day.

2 years ago

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