I been feeling morbidly depressed for over a year now and I don't know what to do with myself. I have pretty much giving up on life and things will never get better.I feel like I'm constantly screwing things up and always saying the wrong thing. Hobbies and things I used like doing to pass the time don't make me happy anymore. I often think about taking the cowardly way out but know I will never truly go through with it.I'm in a personal purgatory of my own making. I live in a constant state of regret and anxiety. I've tried medication but could never remember to take my pills every day. I've abused pot and spent years feeling like I was in a thick fog. I get close to black out drunk every weekend and have drove extremely drunk more times then I can count. I'm 27 and the last time I was in relationship was over seven years ago and I'm still a virgin. I'm so lost right now and I dont know what to do

2 years ago

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