I know that many people are here because they're depressed or suicidal. I want to give you some advice that I think will make your day better: Order Greek food. It's very refreshing and doesn't use processed ingredients-- instead, it uses things such as chickpeas, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. The way to start feeling better is to eat better. Definitely order tabbouleh. It's a finely-chopped salad with tomato, bulgur grains, and some kind of green-- sometimes it has mint, sometimes it does not. It also packs a punch of citrus... it'll make you pucker. Dolmas are grape leaves stuffed with meat, rice, mint, or vegetables. I know grape leaf sounds odd, but it tastes fine (they also look like giant marijuana leaves). In my experience, they're also squishy. Falafel is a round ball made out of ground chickpeas and then baked or fried. It's crumbly, so make sure you have a plate with you. It is often served with tahini, which is a bitter sauce made of sesame seeds. Gyros are basically wraps. They always have some kind of protein, usually lamb, as well has lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzaziki sauce. It's wrapped in a fluffy flat bread called pita. Good pita bread has a slight char. Tzaziki and hummus are condiments, the former of which is a tangy yoghurt that you dip everything into and hummus is also made of chickpeas; sometimes hummus has lemon juice or other seasoning. Sometimes tzaziki has chopped-up cucumbers in it-- or at least the one I eat does. I highly recommend ordering Greek food-- it's healthy and filling. If you're having a bad day, Greek food will put a smile on your face. You want some?

1 year ago

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