I've never felt so empty and lost inside. my ins are hurting , my hearts aching. once again, im left with a broken heart. in all honesty i have lost all will to live. i can't do anything right, im so useless and will never make my parents nor myself happy. my happiness was taken from me within seconds, and it just made feel like there was no purpose in being here. i have nothing going for me, the goals and dreams i have? bluffing. im not confident in what i wish to succeed, however i have tried. i've tried so hard to to deny myself of these feelings but i can't hide from them any longer. im exhausted, im tired of fooling myself that i'm worth something, that i can be something. nobody by my side i can talk to , i can vent enough to that'll understand. maybe its my time. what do i do ? i hate hearing the same shit over and over again, whats you always being there for me gonna do ? whats your presence gonna do for me? if i could help my self i would've already. im depressed or anything i just, i just dont know how to feel anymore.

2 years ago

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