Ethical/Moral Dilemma?

I'm a married male, in my 40s, but in a sexless marriage since my wife had a complete hysterectomy about 15 years ago. Yes, I love her completely. No, I am not faithful. A few years after it became apparent we weren't going to be sexual anymore, I began meeting men here and there. I'd always been a little curious, and to be honest it felt less like cheating if it was with another male. It was always literally just sex, however. I was lucky enough to travel for work quite often, so I took care of my "needs" far from home. That, however, isn't my moral dilemma. I am fine with what I am doing, and it causes no harm to my wife or my marriage. The Covid pandemic changed my work significantly. While I do still travel, it is more limited now. As a result, I really only travel face to face for meetings to one city, a couple of hours from my home. It is smaller than most metropolitan areas that I typically travel, and options for hookups are limited. It doesn't help that I am rather picky when it comes to my sexual partners. I like them younger than me, smaller than me, and they need to be submissive/bottom. I only top with men - I don't perform oral or receive anally, ever. Even when being serviced orally, I don't allow my partners to even perform analingus - I'm just not into it. I don't kiss men. I just get head and fuck in the top position. I'm lucky to have an attractive demeanor, slim naturally athletic build, hairy, nicely hung...generally finding willing partners isn't hard. However, in this particular area options are limited. I did connect with one man, and on paper he is perfect for a sexual partner for me: submissive, extremely small (4'8"), very skinny, and in his 30s. I'll admit when chatting up potential partners conversation isn't high on the list of priorities. At first, I believed that he was just socially awkward, or very focused on being in the "quiet submissive" role. Given his tiny size (yes, I'm sure he was in his 30s...his age was plain from his photos - he was just a tiny guy, although not a dwarf). We met within an hour of talking, and that talk was minimal - I was horny and needed to fuck. My hotel room was dark and we didn't talk much. I used him, as he wanted - and he was very hungry to be used. He performed oral expertly and complied with every request for how he do this. He was in awe of my size and I had to force him off of me a few times while he was sucking for fear I'd cum too soon. When I was ready to fuck he assumed a position in the middle of bed without being prompted - face down, ass up as we'd discussed. His asshole was clean and opened easily to my fingers lubing him, and although there was some noise as I worked my cock into him he was very much receptive to it. I had an amazing time fucking him - he was so small and compliant! His little ass was snug, but obviously well fucked and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. By the time I finished, he was very loose and wet...and exhausted. He dressed and left, saying little. We texted a little the next day, and only then I realized that something was off - now that my balls were drained I was more aware of him as a person. It's fairly apparent to me now that he is developmentally challenged. Not only is he very tiny and physically stunted, he is mentally challenged as well. I learned that he was on disability for his many physical and mental challenges. His parents are dead and he was living with his grandmother and an uncle, and the uncle had recently passed away from a heart attack. He admitted that he'd only had one sexual partner before - and it was his uncle, who'd been fucking him since he was very young. His grandmother is very old, and has home health care. His life is pretty limited, rarely leaving home. He enjoys online gaming, and that is pretty much his life. I'm somewhat guilty that I've now fucked a developmentally challenged young man, and at the same time I can't stop thinking about being on top of him and using his tiny mouth and asshole for my own pleasure. I am rigid thinking about sinking my big cock into him again.

1 year ago

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