I haven’t slept in the past 2 days. Actually I don’t remember the last time I slept before 5AM. Social media, toxicity, it’s fucked me up. And on top of that school’s are opening. I know we need school but what the fuck. You want me to get up at 7AM. Normal adults don’t even go to work until 9/10. Why the fuck should I, a 13 year old have to wake up at fucking 7 in the morning. I have to hide a fucking smile. It’s shit. I love my family of course but I don’t want them to know that I’m not sleeping and that I’m fucked up. It’s literally scientifically proven that kids/teens need more sleep and not wake up at fucking 7 every shitting morning. depression, puberty, anxiety, mood swings. On top of that hiding a fucking smile for your family at home. On top of that fucking school at 7 to half 3. I know we need school but fuck

2 years ago

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