Im 16 and possibily pregnant. I honestly dont know what to say, other than im scared. If any mother, or woman can help id be so appreciative. For a background story to my situation, roughly a month ago my boyfriend left for bootcamp, in that time frame i should have started my menstruation cycle, and im not sure if i have. For the last two days, Aug20-21 ive had light spotting, nothing id really compare to my regular period, nor do i have my typical painful cramps. Though occasionally i feel cramping in my lower left side of the abdomen, After some research, ive come to the conclusion i may be pregnant. I dont want to assume, but i dont have access to a pregnancy center, nor test. I cant let anyone know either, as this could risk my boyfriends position in bootcamp, and my own reputation with my peers and family. Does anyone have any advice, any way to help?

2 years ago

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