What is on his mind?? /My story Hey, First of all I live in a society where murders are too common..even the murdurers aren't faced by any police am a 20 years old girl, am studying in/at unviersity. There is a boy that is my department fellow but a year senior then me, his name starts with Z...(behaving as possesive BF, but he never talked to anyother girl he doesn't even have any female bestfriend.. he is really to possesive natured) Basically the thing is he purposed me when I was in FIRST YEAR(now its third year)... but I rejected him... later when I was in second semester I made a male bestfriend(not boyfriend, named E) . we used to talk face to face only.. .One day he asked me about my FB I'D I agreed to share but at this movement a boy named A ( that is bestfriend of my so called possessive BF but I didn't knew at that time) was there and watched me while I was sharing my i'd... he said he will contact me in evening.. so the problem is he(A) told all the fucking thing to Z... and even before he(E) contact me he got a call from random number and received threats to not to talk to me but still if he(E) does he(E) will be killed... ( I think Z threatened him(E)) after that day E never contacted me ever in his life it has already been 3 years now... One of the friend of E I knows used to talk to me(but only hello, hi nothing more) he came next day and told me all this shit.. but the fucking thing is this that when he was telling me all this Z came and seen us talking... and the same thing happend what we were afraid of .. next day he( bestfriend of E) was threatened too.. when I asked him what the person on call said he replied "he said not to talk to Zoya(me).. am his cousin" the thing is non of my cousin ever visited my university. After that day everyone I used to talk to was threatened on call. I think all that was done by Z .. but why will he does this even he knows I rejected him Tomorrow is last day of Z at university ... But I know he is gonna talk me tomorrow and purpose me too. I don't know what to do so Guys tell me what should I say him tomorrow? thnk you for reading this long.. give your opinion what is his mindset after reading this all thnk you

2 years ago

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