i feel so alone. like nobody cares about me as much as i care about them. i feel like i’m always going out of my way to buy something that someone wanted or clean the house without being asked or just take notice when someone isn’t ok or needs help. but when i’m silent and i’m withdrawn from everybody nobody seems to notice or to care. i’m the least favorite and always will be. i never get a thanks or someone going out of their way for me. it hurts. and i just want to leave. i’m struggling so much and nobody notices and nobody cares. my own sister who i share a room with just goes to bed without a word. she asked me a favor and went to bed not even noticing i was literally crying right fucking next to her. and she won’t notice tomorrow or the next day or the next because nobody ever does. i just want one person to hold me and tell me it will be ok and at this point i don’t care if they’re lying i just need someone to let me cry and listen to me. i just want someone to listen to me.

2 years ago

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