i get really anxious and deal with a lot of mental health struggles and it’s hard because it’s so draining. my parents don’t understand why everything is so overwhelming for me and they tell me i need to get out of my room but i can’t because that’s where i feel safe and i need to be there. i’m not out to them as agender and i can’t fucking deal with being called she/her, girl, baby girl, miss, etc. it’s so fucking tiring. i feel like i’m suffocating every night and i wish i could just go through with ending everything and yet i just can’t. i can’t do it. i’m weak and pathetic and i dont know why i’m like this. my dad is so tiring and guilt tripping. he’s such a dick and everything he does makes me so angry and upset. he makes me cry because he yells at me then yells at me for doing that. he calls me names about stuff i’m already insecure about ex: lazyass. i brush my teeth maybe once a week whenever i have the energy to because i just don’t at the beginning and end of the day. i’m supposed to be more active and do stuff this summer but i literally just cannot. i feel like i can’t do anything. i’m so tired of all of this and wish i could just stop.

2 years ago

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