I am 31, a little damaged. I find myself attracted to someone 17 years my senior. The attraction appeared to be mutual. Recently, despite the discussions of hooking up, he's disinterested. He's distant. I am curious, and still interested. I'm in therapy to figure out why I normally chose projects. I know he could be seen as one. But if it's just sex, is it wrong? If it's two adults, how is it wrong? There's more to the story. I haven't told him I was the one who filed EO complaints against a coworker. But someone had to do the right thing. The coworker is facing no real punishment. But that old white boy club is everlasting. Part of me wonders if he figured out it was me.... But also, I wanna sit on that face. An intelligent, bored, attractive person is a dangerous and sometimes stupid one.

2 years ago

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