I'm in love with someone I've never really met, and I know how stupid and immature that it but I can't help it. We started talking in the comment section of a social media post and started talking. My mother found out that I was talking to a stranger and deleted my WhatsApp. I still managed to hide it from her and continued talking to him. Soon we became very close, chatting every day and video calling damn near all the time. And I fell for him hard. And he feels the same way and we've been in this online relationship for around 2 years. A month or two ago my mother felt something was off and checked my phone and found out I was talking to him, found out a few sexts and quite crushed. She didn't recognize him I told her it's someone else i met a few months back, but she is understandably very upset and mad. She had raised me better, but he is someone who has helped me through so much. When the stress of my school work and everything became too much for me, it is he who helped, the one who cheered me up when I was down. My family is a little fucked up leading my mom to take out quite a bit of her anger out on me which does make our relationship a little rocky. We laid low for a while but still talk every day, only just much more discreet and careful. We talked a lot about breaking things off but the very idea is too painful for both of us. The rather sexual part of our relationship was only after a year into our relationship and I trust him more than enough to trust that he isn't gonna blackmail me with my nudes or anything which is my mother's foremost concern. I love my mother so much, she is an amazing woman, but I just can't stop talking to him, I know I should, I'm filled with guilt every walking moment about going behind my mom's back but I just can't not talk to him. I genuinely love him and I know he feels the same. He has done so much for me and I for him and it is mainly he who helped me through some of my insecurities and I who helped him deal with quite a few of his issues. I'm hoping to move out in a year or two at the very least and to meet up atleast next year. And although it would seem this relationship is doomed I can't not see where it would take us. I'd be happy if I could get some advice on what to do or how to face this. Sometimes I do wish we had never met but then when we talk I can't imagine not having him in my life.

1 year ago

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