“Keep it on the low” - anonymous pro I am an anal cancerous tumor and i never, ever introduce myself, that’s the reason for my malignancy,the reason for the following self certification: I am not benign. I am MALIGNANT. [kind of close to sin] therefore magnificent[original, unwrapped to drooly rolly poooly delicious “Nerd’s Ropes™” all chewed up wadded up regarded like gum its lasting power matched closed to none… imagine juicy fruit, pissing its pants prior to a race between he two, knowing its fruity juicy ass didn’t stand a chance against the ‘Ropes, and they aren’t even gum! Man, one. Damn, son. One day where will you find this? Dusted and disgusted Obliterated, 30,000 lumen obliterated In the dust, i drew you d’lighted’ly, lightly padded out, side to side spread ginormously, i (s)peak gregariously, No one bothers to learn the last name of your simple throwaway runt, but horse whisperers I try to see the humor in every tumor but, As my mentors stop joking around, From beginning to decay while still living, Once they truly die, my super heroic protagonist shielding true antagonisms to my specific story using philanthropy and really nice cologne, such as Gucci Guilty for Men Eau de parfum, 3.4oz. Okay, 1 oz. if you’re reasonable and don’t wish to leave a Hansel and Gretel style trail of a perfume cloud. I wish I never saw these idols of mine, i wish i never caught a glimpse of idol-rot. Rotting idols are carcasses like any other chicken killed in a factory specializing in efficiently extracting every useful NANO GRAM of meat, skin, flesh, brain, eyes, feathers, and whatever else have you… MIND YOU I no longer give two fucks three fucks about who or what stays hot Fuck crack ill shoot dope in my vein until collapsion, Exhaustion COD (call of duty, duty’s cause of death, call death back he wouldn’t leave a # on voicemail Said them feds had his phone tapped. Since the devil is as strong as god Naturally we worship him Kiss his feet laugh during the many tears, We called showers, Came from our peers Spite, salt, cut the wounds from sixty Lashings open again, Third eye swollen shut forever now, I can't open up my mind and wish for Standoffish other beings to enter it like a big fat dick Forceful entry into my mind and your behind Im not gay and i was created, so my cherry hes saving for his pet , or just the next, sinner refusing to repent, Choosing instead, to eternally lament! That’s the meditation in lieu of religious medication, Fictitious perk- a set! Bones are healed , broken heart is sealed, Ill never ever fall in love again i just wont ever feel Close to me is like 10 years ago, waving bye passing me on the St for the first time i dont wanna sit around, bullshit , chit chat, snap chat, with new o’s newest hottest biggest ho, when you’re done at work sick of jerkin them n twitching (butt twerk) Maturing means you’ll grow in size and really shock my eyes! Like a figure eight, now you’re two 0s. Not zeros or nullificiation, more like professional heros with self affirmed qualification! Unemployed cerfitifcation staying paid Pua puec lwa uc government stimulus, harry potter nimble thimble 2000 broom he rode from doom to doom, games, jokes, killingn time til he died like All the greats, your family, idols, shit, even gods Cant stay hard/always erect they rods, poker sticks, im joking bitch! They’l fuck you thrust after thrust, tilyou catch thrush, crack habits, til you’re dope dabbling, pause ⏸️ Heroin, honeys Hot nodded out future rape victims can’t feel themselves have a soul Orgasm a faraway phantasm- Phantasmagorical rhetorical of course no isn't said and only yes stands in court, it's called nodding after all Agreement equals self esteem here you need it to fit in, if unfi, someone important will fill every one of the holes you pull apart within yourself hay needles fall and clink around in. swimming through the blood, It's hot when you’re covered in the entire 7th grades first period And only Perverts win ;em all cause to fuck yourself you fuck yourself Harder and harder til you’re father and farther from the top, You’re buried inside your own, Hermaphroditic -o Dope fiends with hope liens owe God forever, so he brings thenm back like Narcan can’t fail and won’t post bail on eternal prison Before you shoot yourself, You’re not some voodoo pin cushion, you’re a human You’re awake and you can listen Feminism, bitch! Hedonism, bitch! These things be the shits we fight for, i wish black lives mattered to me but i can't feel just attack and batter All you fuckin bitches made my hit list, every year i did cry about losing my friends, instead now im a fiend, with dividends, and theres nothing i will lend My eyes are big like saucers, anime English tosser, i look on with greed and lust Wrangled my Galloping steed, stayin smoking dust

2 years ago

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